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Olivo Land project was launched in 2010 in West Bank, Palestine as a local wholesale supplier of extra virgin olive oil, as well as other olive products, such as olive oil soap and a variety of spiced pickled olive. We have recently expanded our distribution to include a world-wide market to have our high-quality extra virgin olive oil and other olive oil products reach all consumers in the world.  Via this platform, we aim to spread out our reach to worldwide B2B customers of Holy Land Virgin Olive Oil products from Palestine.

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 We invite our customers to order a sample of our various products and explore an ancient taste that permeates thousands of years of history. our Holy Land Virgin Olive Oil, natural, organic, fresh taste, is harvested and collected from diverse types of olive trees, many of which are ancient Roman survived more than 2000 years. Our manufacturers of the Olivo virgin olive oil are distributed all over the Holy Land— in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Jenin, and Nablus. 

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Each olive tree in Palestine has specific properties depending on the location, terrain, and the soil from which it has grown. For example, Jerusalem and Bethlehem are distinguished by the remarkable presence of huge ancient Roman olive trees, and the taste of their oil is marked by a particular extravagant taste. Our extra virgin olive oil products are produced locally in all over the Holy Land where olive is handpicked from thousands-years-old olive groves, with high quality taste as well as naturally high antioxidants.

Palestine is among the Mediterranean countries that contain the largest number of olive trees in the world— that produce 95 percent of the world’s total production of oil and olive products.  However, our holy land olive tree belongs to a special breed of olive tree, which native to the Levant, particularly Syria and Palestine. So, our evergreen olive tree has always dominated the dark-greened landscape of Palestine, and it had come over many centuries to outgrow many other native trees. While the Palestinian farmers put their dependency on many seasonal harvests which the land bestows them over the year, the olive’ tree has had the most major agricultural importance among other crops. Therefore, like many peoples around the Mediterranean basin, the Olive’s fruit has become over time a significant part of the Palestinian cuisine of those of other Mediterranean counties.
In Palestine, whether its fruit, leaf, timber, or kern, the olive tree has been of multiple benefits. If you are ever to visit Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Nazareth, or Hebron, you would be certainly enchanted by the masterpieces and ornamental objects made from the fine wood and leaves of the olive tree. Besides that, since ancient times, the virgin olive oil produced in Palestine had played an important role in the Palestinian cuisine, and this is to an extent that a saying which goes “Olive oil and bread are the pillars of any house” is very known among villagers and farmers to this day. This attachment to the Palestinian olive oil is due to the special taste that it has among other oil varieties in the Mediterranean basin. After laboratory examination, it has come to be known that the Palestinian extra virgin olive oil has no more than 0.8% free acidity and is considered to have unique flavor characteristics. 

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High quality natural soap made of pure Holy Land olive oil contains best healthy ingredients for skin-care. Olivo olive  oil soap hand-made with out perservative and artificla scents.

Fresh, deliacte, and unique. Olivo Holy Land Palestinian virgin Olive oil is known to be one of the best  high quality  olive oil in the world, with no more than 0.8% free acidity and unique flavor characteristics. 

Black or ripe olives, Semi-ripe, turning-color, or green olives, pickled table olive is known to have lots of varieties in Palestine where it is served spicy, peanut/stuffed, or simply pure without additions. 

our holy land olive oil is more than just oil

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Olive is not just a tree that takes over the aesthetics of the Holy Land landscape; it rather constitutes an undetachable part of its historical identity and the culture of its people since ancient times. Wherever you go in Palestine, your eyes would be hooked by ancient-looking and thick-stalked olive trees by which such Jesus, Moses, or other prominent historical and religious figures, may have passed. All of those who had dwelled Palestine over ages had found their bonds with which they were attached among which are the delicate taste, special aroma, delightful of freshness of the virgin olive oil.

For us, as local farmers in the Holy Land, Olive Oil has been a passion for generations, and we cherish it the olive tree not just a product but rather as a symbol for the holiness of the Land.  Therefore, we try our best to bring about the best virgin olive oil Palestine can offer.

Explore the exceptional history of the Oilve Tree in the Holy Land.

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