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top 10 movies for kids 2023

Movies for kids: carefully chosen and inspired, movies can be more than a way of recreation for children. Full of meanings and connotations, they can turn into a real educational lesson about life, principles, values, but also about art, geography, animals and their characteristics.

That’s why we’ve selected a series of children’s films of all time, screenings that managed to obtain countless awards and nominations and that conquered the souls of even the most skeptical viewers.

Here are the most interesting educational films for children of all ages to watch together when you want to relax. This list contains the best movies for kids.


This film is considered one of the best movies for kids. It received very good reviews.

Suitable for children aged 7+ and loved by adults as well, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a musical full of fantasy elements directed by Tom Burton. Funny and sprinkled with educational subtleties, the film tells the story of a good but poor boy who lives with his parents and grandparents. Chocolate was one of his greatest joys, but given his financial situation, little Charlie only managed to enjoy it once a year, on his birthday.

Everything takes an unexpected turn when Willy Wonka, the owner of the famous chocolate factory in that small town, offers five free tickets, the winners of which will have the opportunity to visit the mysterious factory. Charlie is one of the lucky winners, and surprises don’t take long to appear once inside the building. What the little one doesn’t know is that whoever manages to complete the factory tour without falling prey to the sugary temptations will become the very owner.


One of the most beloved animated children’s films of 2016, Home Alone takes us into the wonderful world of pets. The universe of Max, a cute terrier inseparable from his owner, is disturbed when she decides to adopt another pet, Duke. It is one of the best movies for kids.

The games and teasing between the two escalate, but their relationship changes when a gang of dangerous cats kidnaps them. In the fight against evil they are joined by a brave bunny – Snowball – who not only saves them, but urges them to join his group of lost and vengeful animals. Full of twists and turns, valuable lessons about friendship and courage, but not least humor, this screening is definitely worth watching with the family!


The Mitchell Family vs. Robots animation is part of the series of films dealing with technology and the potential challenges it brings . The film focuses on a family who, although they should be enjoying their vacation, are forced to face an AI robot that turns against humanity.

The likable characters, the colorful images and the downright tasty lines make this movie one that deserves to be included on your list, especially since it also has many educational components. It’s just a click away on Netflix, so don’t wait any longer to watch it.

And if your little one is passionate about robotics and wants to become the creator of an AI robot himself in the future, then we are waiting for him at the Lego Robotics course for children . Here you will learn how to assemble and program a Lego robot, what are the basics of programming, but also how ultrasonic sensors work.

4. INSIDE OUT (2005)

An atypical and interesting film that presents emotions from a different perspective, Upside Down is a screening suitable for children over 6 years old. The film focuses on Riley, an 11-year-old pre-teen who tries to manage and understand the amalgam of emotions that overwhelm her after moving to another city with her parents. Joy, sadness, anger, fear and disgust are personified, being illustrated as entities that pull the strings in the young woman’s mind.

Full of scientific explanations presented in a child-friendly manner, this film offers a different perspective on the emotions that guide our everyday actions. The main message kids will take away from watching it is that even though you sometimes feel sad, angry and disgusted, it’s perfectly normal, part of the vast merry-go-round called life.


An original story, full of twists and turns and humor, Bright Red introduces us to Mei Lee, a confident, lively 13-year-old girl overflowing with energy. Having to divide between the libertine life that every teenager tends to and the good girl life imposed by her slightly domineering mother, Mei Lee lives a constant conflict. However, everything changes when one morning the little girl discovers that she is no longer a simple girl, but rather…a giant red panda.

From happiness to sadness, from calmness to anger, this film illustrates how adolescence is a roller-coaster of emotions, feelings and experiences, which you have to face with a lot of courage. During the viewing, children will be fascinated by the fantastic giant panda, understanding better how important family, friendship and balance are.

6. COCO (2017)

Coco is one of the educational films for children that encourage you to follow your dreams and passions regardless of the situation. This adaptation follows the story of a boy named Miguel who dreams of becoming a real singer, just like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz, but is discouraged by his whole family. Desperate to turn his dream into reality, the young man makes a wish, which teleports him to the colorful and amazing Land of the Dead.

There music and good will are not only allowed and welcomed, but are carried to the rank of excellence. Miguel discovers family mysteries that span generations, having to go through a series of adventures and trials that will bring him closer to his goal: to be a singer in the full power of the word. Interweaving profound lessons with heartwarming moments, this film will be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

7. WALL-E (2008)

An educational film for children and with a strong emotional impact, Wall-E tells the story of a hopeless robot who is the last survivor on Earth, set centuries in the future. After the Earthlings destroyed the planet and the survivors relocated to a spaceship, all that remains of the old realms is dust, powder, and Wall-E.

But, the story takes another turn, when he discovers another robot with whom he falls irreparably in love and others with whom he feels he can save humanity. This Pixar-branded gem of art is more than a call to protect the planet and reduce consumerism, it’s more of a wake-up call presented in a friendly way everyone can understand.

And for the little ones who love technology, even more so after this truly impressive film, and want to better understand the mechanisms behind such a robot and more, we have good news. The Digital Discovery course supports children by helping them develop their algorithmic thinking, understand early robotics and use the internet safely.


A true masterpiece of its era and beyond, The Sound of Music shines a spotlight on themes such as the importance of family, childhood, love, and last but not least, music in its various forms. This exceptional screening presents Maria, a young Austrian girl who leaves the monastery where she lived to discover the world. She becomes the governess of Captain Von Trapp’s 7 children, during which the little ones know for the first time what fun and adventures mean.

And because love always finds its own way, Maria and Captain Von Trapp end up living a beautiful romantic story, questioned in the first instance. The film conveys positive messages about how family, harmony, and honest feelings will always win, regardless of circumstances or obstacles.


The Incredibles is a superhero movie that combines comedy with action, being a movie adored by children and appreciated by parents. It all begins when a family of superheroes – the Incredibles – are forced to pretend to be normal citizens without supernatural powers. Although at first the plan seems to be going according to plan, Mr. Incredible cannot control his impulses to help others and stand out.

A villain who wants to subjugate the world with an army of robots makes his appearance, and the entire Incredibles family is forced to reveal his true identity. Full of suspenseful moments, but also lines that raise smiles and good cheer, this film is definitely worth adding to the list of screenings to watch on Saturday night with the family.

10. THE LION KING (1994)

As one of the most beloved children’s animated films of all time, The Lion King never ceases to surprise and impress with its wealth of lessons, colorful images, and pleasant songs. After watching this animated masterpiece, the little ones will learn what it means to grow up, what betrayal is and how to deal with it, but also how love and family triumph.

With a special soundtrack, in which the songs composed by Elton John intertwine, this film introduces Simba, a lion cub forced to face the harsh reality and suddenly mature after the death of his father. Sprinkled with emotional moments, with a strong impact, this screening is without, but also perhaps a film worth adding to the list of films to watch in a lifetime, being recommended for children over 5 years old.


Finding Nemo is more than just an animated movie for kids. It is instead a story of courage, friendship, authenticity and magnanimity. When Nemo the clownfish is captured by a diver, his father, Marlin, and Dory, a very cheerful and lively surgeonfish, set out in search of him.

This journey of theirs full of mishaps and obstacles turns out to be a success in the end, bringing Nemo home. From agony to ecstasy, this movie dedicated to children will love it, especially because it will take them to the wonderful aquatic world, where the little fishes talk and have feelings as real as possible.

12. THE JUNGLE BOOK (2016)

Inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s famous collection of short stories, this adaptation comes with a new air, this time more modern and full of vitality. Mowgli, a child raised by a she-wolf embarks on a journey full of obstacles and adventures to meet his real parents. The road is arduous, and the young man has to face a giant python, the king of monkeys, but also the fierce tiger Shere Khan to reach his destination.

Perseverance, true friendship, courage, but also sincerity are just some of the main values ​​promoted in this big day screening. More suitable for children over 7 years old, the film will win your hearts and capture your attention from the first minutes!

13. TOY STORY (1995)

Toy Story is the first fully computer animated film produced by Pixar and released by Walt Disney Studios, which follows the secret life of toys when they are not seen by humans. A cowboy and an astronaut, who are the favorite toys of a child named Andy, have a real conflict based on rivalry. Fighting to be on the top of the child’s favorites list, the two end up embarking on a vast journey. If until then their only concern was who is better, things change when they have to team up to face the challenges.

An educational children’s film that focuses on friendship and its various facets, Toy Story is a real inspiration for the little ones and a full-fledged cinematic delight for adults as well. And if you really like the first part, luckily you can watch the continuation of the story in Toy Story 2 , Toy Story 3 and Toy Story 4 .

14. BRAVE (2012)

If your junior yearns for films with brave but atypical heroes, then Fearless is what you’re looking for. Merida is a different kind of princess, one who is passionate about riding, shooting the bow, but above all a rebel who breaks all the stereotypes in her family and refuses to marry the predestined prince.

Beyond the conflicts between generations, the encouragement to do what you feel and want, but also to listen to your calling, this film shines a spotlight on extremely important themes such as taking responsibility and defeating personal pride. Seasoned with precious stories, this film will fascinate viewers of all ages and take them to the beautiful lands of Scotland, where they will live with the stubborn princess on an unforgettable adventure.


A metaphor for contemporary society, seasoned with a lot of humor and illustrated in the form of carefully outlined characters, Zootopia is an educational film recommended for children over 8 years old. The action takes place in the town of the same name, when a fox full of personality is staged a murder. The best cop in town starts chasing her, but they end up being the best of partners when they discover that they are the protagonists of a long-standing conspiracy.

Full of color and dynamic scenes, this animation manages to captivate the attention of even the most impatient children, offering the suspense of a detective novel. And because such a screening cannot lack a deeper substratum, the story manages to capture what happens when you refuse to let someone else determine your place in the world and fight for your dreams.

16. RATATOUILLE (2007)

This movie will be a real treat for moviegoers of all ages. The story focuses on Remy, a young rat whose dream is to become a famous chef. Although the family does not agree with his wish, and the idea that a rat has no business in a kitchen is normal, he does not let himself be discouraged. Embark on a true adventure where culinary delicacies, friendship, and challenges soon become part of this comedy full of essence.

The effervescent characters, fast-forward scenes and carefully thought-out lines make the film one of the best films for children in recent years, being directed by the established Brad Bird, also known for The Incredibles.

17. SOUL (2020)

An animation that received two awards and an Oscar nomination, Soul is a screening that richly deserves its place in the list of the best films for children and teenagers. With a deep message about the meaning of life, but illustrated in a way that is easy to understand for children over 12 years old, this film introduces us to Joe Gardner, a music teacher who dreams of becoming a famous jazz singer. On his way to achieving his long-dreamed-of career, he suffers an accident that lands him in an ethereal, transitional space.

Having to find his way back to his body and his dream, he embarks on an extensive journey that combines the known and the unknown, but also spheres he had no idea existed. Full of deep subtleties, about the most twisted corners of existence, Soul will leave you speechless but also with many questions about life in general.

18. UP (2009)

Above all, it is an invitation to live “now”, to fulfill your dreams without delaying and to definitively remove the barriers imposed by your own mind. This animation, which perfectly combines humor, adventure and emotion, presents Carl, a septuagenarian, who takes flight with his house, supported in the air by a lot of multicolored balloons. Driven by a promise to his late wife to travel the world, he embarks on the adventure of a lifetime. But there is one small detail that will make the difference: an eight-year-old boy who was on the porch of his house at the time of takeoff.

With two nominations and three Academy Awards, this film is more than just an educational film for children. It’s a real life lesson for viewers of all ages, but also a source of inspiration for those who constantly forget to enjoy life to the fullest!

19. MOANA (2016)

An atypical Disney story from the creators of the famous animations Zootropolis and Frozen , Moana stars Vaiana, a born sailor who sets off in search of a legendary island in Oceania. In her journey she encounters countless unusual experiences, challenges designed to test her perseverance, but also new partners in her journey who will help her save her family.

Enlivened by an exceptional soundtrack, which sends you thinking of a full-fledged musical, the animation belongs to the category of films that offer a different perspective on heroines, shifting the focus from the classic princess to the heroine without fear and prejudice.


How the Grinch Stole Christmas also belongs to the category of timeless children’s films, which you will revisit with great fondness even after many years . Who would have thought that there would be someone who would hate this holiday full of magic and charm, let alone try to make it disappear? However, the Grinch is more than a villain ready to disrupt the peace of the entire small town he lives near, he symbolizes the marginalized child, unloved and rejected by others just because he is different.

In addition to the lesson about the importance of Christmas, this educational film illustrates how there are no bad people, but rather people who have not been loved, understood and accepted and have no idea how to express all these feelings. With a strong emotional impact, this film is worth watching with the family, being a good topic to discuss with the little ones.

21. SHREK (2001)

One of the most famous animated films produced by the DreamWorks Animation studios, a classic that remains in your mind and soul even after long periods of time since the first viewing is Shrek . Inspired by a children’s picture book, the film contains the typical elements of an animation aimed at juniors: a princess, a villain and a hero, this time a little greener and with a look at least grumpy.

When Shrek is invaded by various characters from the stories, from wolves to mice, piggies and talking cookies whose peace has been disturbed by the evil Lord Farquaad, he feels it is his duty to restore peace by embarking on a real adventure. He is joined by the nice donkey Donkey, but also by the well-known Motan Călcătat.

Even if the princess is not what she seems, the villain has some nervous tics, and the hero is far from the classic all-powerful prince, the story will surely manage to make you smile and give you a good mood.


Although we first met him in the surprising animation for children – Shrek , the story of the Puss in Boots continues this time in the form of a dedicated film. The musketeer brought to life by none other than Antonio Banderas embarks on his own journey filled with adventure, humor, extreme situations and last but not least, love.

For fans of adventure films that combine the fight between good and evil with unexpected love stories, but also with laugh-out-loud moments, Motanul Incalțat is the perfect cinematic cocktail. Little kids will not only love it, but they will definitely want to watch the second part, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish.

23. RAPUNZEL (2010)

One of the famous stories of the Brothers Grimm has been translated into a contemporary screen version of the old days. Rapunzel is a young captive in a tower with no way out, who, however, has a great asset – extremely long, blonde and magical hair. When the most wanted bandit of the kingdom hides in the beautiful girl’s tower, everything takes an unexpected turn. The two come to an agreement, to face the dangers that stand in their way, but above all to transform their partnership into a beautiful love story.

In this journey about growing up, facing fears, but also cultivating trust in a stranger, the two protagonists are joined by a friendly chameleon, a brave horse and a gang of tough robbers, ready for anything. This movie for children of all ages will capture their attention without fail, especially since it includes both funny and musical sequences.


The famous nanny who managed to conquer both the children in the film and the viewers around the world returns to the public’s attention in an unforgettable screening, Mary Poppins Returns . Michael and Jane are now adults, but that doesn’t stop the enigmatic nanny from returning to the Banks family, this time to look after Michael’s three children.

They say some things never go away, and the same principle applies to Mary’s fantastic powers. This takes the three little ones to never-before-seen realms, where things float, drawings become real, and magic is as real as it gets. Suitable for children aged 7+, this educational and surreal film will impress even the pickiest of viewers.

25. DESPICABLE ME (2010)

I’m a Little Villain, as the title suggests, tells the story of a villain named Gru who adopts three little girls from an orphanage. Caught in the middle between his evil, planet-conquering personality and the growing love of the girls, he slowly begins to embrace the idea of ​​becoming the positive hero.

Cute minions, original songs, and an impressive soundtrack make this movie more than just a tasty animation, suitable for children over 8 years old. The funny yet highly intelligent lines and the deeply resonant story of how even the worst villain can be made whole with pure love will move you to tears.

Movies are real food for the soul, especially animations and cartoons for children. The little ones can not only extract a series of lessons and educational tips to help them in their daily evolution, but they can assimilate new words, expressions or songs, which will improve their expression and vocabulary.

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In this article, we talked about the best movies for kids. The above list has been chosen carefully to suit your children.