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Top 25 websites to watch movies and series online free

Websites to watch movies and series online free: Although streaming is the order of the day, services like Netflix little by little seem to be starting to lose subscribers. Competition in the sector is getting stronger, and while prices do not stop rising, the content on these payment platforms is not always the best.

However, not all are premium services that work through paid subscriptions. There are also online platforms from where we can watch series and movies completely free of charge. For example, all the on-demand TV apps for mobiles , the platforms that broadcast free Internet TV or the streaming platforms for series and movies, which are maintained through advertising.

Top 25 Legal Websites to Watch Movies Online for Free

Currently there are several web pages that allow us to watch movies legally and without any cost. However, some of these services have regional blocking activated, which means that they can normally only be viewed if we have an IP from the US.

Something that we can solve, for example, by installing a VPN on our computer. One piece of advice: if you don’t want to spend money on a VPN, take a look at THIS POST . There you will find a list with the best free VPN applications that we can currently find.

pluto tv

Pluto TV is a free streaming platform that broadcasts content on demand and live television. All this without the need to register or pay anything at any time. The service is maintained through advertisements like a traditional television channel and has the most varied series and movies.

Pluto TV landed in Spain and Latin America at the end of 2020 and since then offers fifty thematic channels of humor, crimes, pawns to the beast, action movies, music and much more. The company’s idea is that by the end of 2021 the offer will be extended to 100 live TV channels. In addition to its website, it also has an app available on both Android and iOS .

Sign in to Pluto TV

Rakuten TV

The Japanese company Rakuten has a streaming platform where, in addition to having more than 80 free live TV channels with series and movies, it also has a very interesting selection of on-demand content.

It is noticeable that from Rakuten they are making an effort to differentiate themselves from the competition, and for this they provide several productions of their own creation, in addition to a catalog of free films that in general terms are a little above average (right now, for example , the latest of Power Rangers (2017) and Nicholas Cage’s Willy’s Wonderland (2021), among others, are available).

Enter Rakuten TV


Microchannels is an initiative developed by AMC Networks where we can find a lot of series and movies online for free. The content is available completely legally and can be viewed both from a web browser and from its app for Android and iOS . The service has an interesting selection of programs, series and feature films that are updated every month, belonging to the company’s premium TV channels, such as AMC, SundanceTV, Canal Hollywood, XTRM, DARK or Odyssey , among others.

The site is easy to use and navigate, works well, and supports high-definition playback. The idea behind Microchannels is to serve as an entry platform so that users who are undecided or do not know AMC Networks channels have the possibility of discovering their content for free. Of course, in order to see the content it is necessary to register with an email account.

All the videos are in Spanish, and the truth is that it is a very interesting alternative to the typical free trial month or week offered by most streaming platforms. Instead of giving you access to all AMC channels for a limited time, what they have is allowing you to watch about thirty of their series, movies, and programs that are currently broadcasting. But yes -and therein lies the grace-, renewing all the content every month, so that you always have something new to see.

Enter Microchannels


If you haven’t used PLEX in a while and only remember it as a media player for your local files, maybe you should take a look at it again. Currently PLEX has become a platform that also offers streaming content for free, both movies and series and more than 80 live TV channels .

No type of registration or installation is necessary, we just have to enter the web version of PLEX from a browser and start enjoying its entire catalog. One of the great advantages of PLEX is that, unlike other pages that offer free movies, regional blocking is practically non-existent here : almost its entire catalog is accessible regardless of our country of origin.

Enter PLEX


One of the few pages that offer free online movies in Spanish legally. At VIX we will find action, horror, science fiction, classic movies, drama, romance and even children’s content. All this accompanied by a good handful of series, more than interesting documentaries and an extensive selection of soap operas.

This is a service that is maintained through the ads that are shown to us when we want to see some content, although it is very brief advertising and is not annoying. Another point in favor is that it does not require registration of any kind and it also has an app for Android and iOS devices for those who access it from their mobile phones.

Enter the VIX website


If we are fans of anime in all its aspects, we cannot ignore Crunchyroll either. This streaming platform allows us to see a large part of its catalog with series like One Punch Man, Boruto, Hunter x Hunter or Black Clover without having to pay a single euro.

It is enough that we register with a free account on its website to see the content (supported by advertisements). The platform still has some points to polish in terms of usability, but in general it is a highly recommended legal alternative for lovers of the genre.

Enter Crunchyroll

TV Distro

Distro TV is another streaming TV platform that broadcasts for free and without registration, and that is supported through advertising. Today it has more than 150 thematic TV channels, some of them dedicated to cinema, such as The Grid or Monarch Channel.

Most of the content is in English, although there is also something in Spanish. In addition to the live channels, there is also a section with series and movies on demand.

Enter Distro TV


If you live in Spain, you can’t ignore the public television app either. RTVE Play allows you to watch live television channels, but perhaps the most interesting thing is its wardrobe, with a catalog full of quality series, documentaries and programs.

Within its offer of on-demand content, RTVE Play allows streaming the latest movies broadcast on TVE, although due to licenses and others, they are usually only available for a few days. In any case, the cinema offer is usually quite good and you always find a surprise.

Enter RTVE Play

Internet Archive

Internet Archive is the great digital library of the Internet where a multitude of old and out-of-print material is collected. Here we will find a lot of old classic black and white films, horror and science fiction films, as well as music, old newspapers and magazines and much more. In total it has more than 75,000 videos.

The section dedicated to films is classified by genre, where we will find a wide variety of material, from old short films, silent films, classic film trailers and much more. Of course all the content can be viewed online, with several download options for offline playback.

Enter the Internet Archive Movies

Rlaxx TV

Free streaming platform with more than 40 live channels. Rlaxx TV differs from the rest by having a repertoire of relaxation-oriented channels, with a lot of music, travel, food, etc. content.

There are also several thematic channels on cinema such as Rlaxx Películas, Rlaxx Clásicos, Wrld Drama and Wrld Comedy, where they broadcast movies 24 hours a day, some of them in Spanish and others in English.

Enter Rlaxx TV


If what we are looking for is quality, current content, as well as modern television and film classics, this is a platform that we cannot ignore. Peacock is NBCUniversal’s streaming service, and the good news is that in addition to having a paid subscription, it also offers ad-supported free access plans .

In Peacock we find great free movies, authentic blockbusters like The Matrix, Jurassic Park or the Jason Bourne saga. If we like series we can also enjoy titles like Parks and Recreations, Battlestar Galactica or the mythical comedy and interview program Saturday Night Live.

Enter Peacock TV


Tubi is another free page with a wide variety of quality online movies to watch in streaming and without registration. It has a lot of interesting categories such as “Not on Netflix”, “Only free on Tubi”, Indie movies, cult classics or Martial Arts. If we don’t know where to start we can always enter and take a look directly on the Most Popular Movies page .

It currently has films such as Apocalypto, Ninja Turtles (2014), Parker with Jason Statham, Knock Knock with Keanu Reeves, Magic Mike XXL and many other well-known titles by actors such as Nicholas Cage, Antonio Banderas or The Rock. A fairly powerful movie offer if we compare it with other similar services from the competition, although the big downside is that due to broadcasting rights the page is locked in Europe. Something that on the other hand we can easily solve with a VPN connection.

Enter Tubi


Funimation is a streaming platform very similar to Crunchyroll: it offers a multitude of anime for free, and is supported by ads. A method that works quite well, and that allows Funimation to offer high-quality content. However, it has a big drawback and that is that it is not yet available in all countries, so we will need a VPN to access it.

Here we will find a good number of Japanese animes known as My Hero Academia, Tokyo Ghoul or Dead Man Wonderland, among many others. One of the star features of Funimation is that it is the largest streaming platform offering anime dubbed into English.

EITB, TV3 and other regional television websites

If we live in Spain, we cannot forget the official websites of the regional televisions either. Some websites such as EITB in the Basque Country, or TV3 in Catalonia, in addition to broadcasting all their channels live online, also have an interesting assortment of on-demand content.

This is where we will find many films: mainly own productions, European and independent cinema.

Enter the EITB website

Enter the TV3 website


Yidio is a website mainly oriented to the North American market that works as a search engine to find out where we can watch a certain movie in streaming. The good thing about it is that it also includes a free online movie filter , so we can see at a glance all the free movies that are currently being broadcast and filter them by genre, IMDB score, etc.

Once the film is chosen, we just have to enter its tab and select the free broadcast available. We will automatically be redirected to the web where the film is broadcast and it will begin to play in a new browser tab.

legally free

The Legally Free website is responsible for collecting a wide selection of online movies that are available on the web for free. Obviously, most are independent films, although there are also classic films and recent feature films that have won awards at various festivals.

The genres are very varied, going through horror, science fiction, comedy, police, thriller. Browsing the web is simple and pleasant. A good place to discover new and different things.

Enter Legally Free

The Roku Channel

Many know Roku solely as a streaming device, but what is not so well known is that it also offers free movies from its website, The Roku Channel. In fact, it is not even necessary to have a Roku device to access its content, just create an account (something anyone with an email address can do), choose a movie and hit the “Play” button.

The Roku Channel’s library is full of interesting stuff, like the animated movie How to Train Your Dragon, or Wrath of the Titans, among many others. The difference with respect to other similar platforms is that most of the movies are in high resolution . It also includes free TV shows and live TV.

Enter The Roku Channel


Well-known platform that has been offering content on demand for free and legally for years. All we have to do is swallow some ads, although the offer as such is quite varied. On the FilmOn website we will find shorts, documentaries, action movies, comedy and much more. Don’t lose sight of it!

Enter FilmOn


The Vudu website offers free movies legally and without the need for registration, and is supported by ads (quite moderate, by the way). The service doesn’t have new releases, but it still has a catalog full of blockbusters and very popular movies from a few years ago.

Here we will find movies like Will Smith’s Wild Wild West, Super Agent 86, Risky Business and some Pixar-type animated movies, among many other things. All this in HD and with good audio quality.

Enter Voodoo


It is true that there are first-run movies that are uploaded to YouTube illegally, but they are usually deleted after a short time. Luckily, if what we are looking for is an alternative that does not violate copyright rights within YouTube, we also have options.

On the one hand, we find the channel with content created by the platform, YouTube Originals . A service that was going to be paid, and that has finally ended up being free. It has some really interesting stuff, like the first season of the Cobra Kai series and some curious documentaries. And of course, many classic films in the public domain in Spanish .


Although it reminds some of you – by name – of another pirate download page, the truth is that Popcornflix is ​​a completely legitimate website to watch free movies . The movies aren’t exactly premieres, but most are Hollywood titles with actors we’ve all heard of (Star Trek, Brad Pitt movies).

The interface is clear and it is easy both to navigate and to play any movie that we feel like watching at any given moment. In general, one of the best sites within the guild with an interesting catalogue.

Enter Popcornflix

Sony Crackle

Probably the biggest free platform to watch free and legal movies on the Internet. Owned by Sony not long ago, Crackle offers an excellent catalog of popular movies in HD quality and with good sound. All this with exclusive content for the platform , a fast search engine and playback from the browser that seems more than remarkable.

Although we can sign up and create an account, the truth is that it is not necessary to be able to watch movies online and for free. Find something you like, hit Play and that’s it. What more could you want?

Enter Crackle


Also known as “the Netflix of libraries”, eFilm is a streaming platform that comes to replace the classic movie rental service that we find in our local municipal library.

Its operation is very simple. You just have to register with your library card, which will give you access to the catalog of available movies. You select the feature film that interests you, and if there is any free unit left, it allows you to rent it for a couple of days for free (keep in mind that the number of licenses per film is limited, and even if it is a virtual product, it can only be “borrowed” the movie a certain number of times simultaneously).

eFilm is currently only available in Spain and has a catalog of more than 20,000 films . You can get more information about the libraries attached to this online service in THIS POST or go directly to the eFilm website from the link you see right here below.

Enter eFilm


Kanopy is a streaming platform very similar to eFilm. It is a website that offers a multitude of streaming movies that we can watch by using a library card or university student card. The viewing is done through loans, just as we would do in a municipal library.

Kanopy’s service is more geared toward the Anglo-Saxon market, with award-winning movies like “Summer of 84,” “In the Soup,” and popular documentaries like “Digital Disconnection.” A good place to watch independent and cult films, regulars at festivals like Sundance or Sitges.

Enter Kanopy

Movies Found Online

This is a website that is responsible for collecting free movies that are available online. Mainly we are talking about a multitude of independent films and classic cinema of all kinds of genres (action, horror, adventure, comedy, drama…). All the movies are available through YouTube, so we won’t have any problem to access and play them.

We all know that on YouTube there are many movies that we can watch for free and online, but it is impossible to know what content is available. With this page we can see more clearly some quite curious movies, hidden among all that sea of ​​videos that is YouTube. Some of the more recent additions are Ripped (2017), Miss Nobody (2010) and The Facility (2012).

Enter Movies Found Online via Open Culture

Open Culture is the open site for culture, with a huge number of online movies, educational content and more than 350 free books. In its film section we find around 1000 classic films, all of them hosted on Most of them in black and white and by well-known directors , although we also find the occasional premiere.

It can be a good place to relive classics like Cyrano de Bergerac, Hell’s Angels, Plan 9 from Outer Space and discover some downright hilarious bizarre from the 40s and 50s.